Thursday, June 18, 2015


Hi guys! i just concluded my exams last week and yeah it was awesome (Thank God). I didn't have much time to sort things out and keep some things in order because i started my hospital practice this week but then i was able to squash time out to take this sterling pictures.
Basically all i did was a casual bespoke style if there is any word like that, i guess i just coined one out(LOL)

 I wore a Denim shorts(a longtime gift from a friend) with a Reserved brand Tshirt and i decided to make it more bespoke by topping it with a G.O.L Boys three button blazers which i got from a random store and yeah i used a bandana handkerchief as my pocket square.

 I also accessorized the look with an Orlando wristwatch, Mr Morgan handwear and with an eyewear i got from a random store. I finished the look up with my printed socks and my Mostyn derby shoes.

 Say hello to woe 1, woe 2 was too shy to take a snapshot.

 I believe you all love the look, you can share it to your friends who will love to rock same.

 See what time is it, i have to run.... In between i have a another practice exam coming up next week, wish me success. THANKS FOR PASSING BY.