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Goodday,please can you tell us your name and where you are from: My name is oluwabusayo omoniyi ojo, a nigerian and i was born in warri, delta state.

Can you tell us more about yourself: I studied in University Of Ado-Ekiti, where i gained a B.Arts in literary studies.I started out my literary career back in university where i was opportuned to perform several theatrical play writes on stages, although i up-hold my literary prowess more as a poet than a theatrical actor.

Please,can you tell us what inspires u: I am inspired by nature,my immediate society;
  African cultural tradition, as a Poet, i feel i sit on the fence as the record of the mores and experience of my society."Therefore,my poetry all reflect that philosophy, serving also as a record of twenty first-century Africa's political turmoil and its struggle to reconcile tradition with modernization! My concern as a poet is not only with my Country, but to "Humanity" and "Man" on earth.
 Many see me as a Romantic Poet,Yes! My greatest inspiration is 'LOVE'.

Can you share some of your works with us: Yes i can, i just wrote a poem for the valentine day celebration;

           My Valentine

It's St Valentine ’s Day•••
Woke up with a smile on my face
Woke up with a soft breeze grazing my face
Woke up with this strange feeling...
The sun shines through my window and brings warmth to my face 

I am Lost in the spot light of this Love
Enjoying every rhythm
Call me a rockstar 
Call me a popstar 
If only I had a musical band...I'll sing you a Love Song
Not to be boastful 
This Love is blissful! 

I am marooned in her eyes
Yet displaced in her heart
She can read me like a magazine
I can see through her heart of Glass

Trouble my heart not I beg thee'
Torture not my heart I beg thee'
Let us share a little secret 
Let us Love in the wild

Let's make the world Jealous of the Love we share 
Let's be the best Lovers the world ever knew 
Let's be Anthony and Cleopatra 
Let's be Lancelot and Guinevere 
Let me be your Paris and You my Helen of Troy! 

I never stopped calling you "Arewa"
My mother will call you "Iyawo mi"
•My wife•
My Kinsmen will call you "Aya wa" 
•Our wife•

My "sleeping beauty" Let that name be our secret
Let's share the story of the name to our children
If this Love is a crime? 
Count me in for an arrest
I am ready to fight for this Love
Be my South Africa...
I'll be Your Nelson Mandela
Be my Winnie! Fight for me even in Prison! Wait for me even in cuffs! 

Love has whispered to my ears...
More soothing than the voice of the birds!
Love has built a home in Us
We have built our home in Love! 

....I have nothing left to say...••••
          My Valentine...   

Twitter handle is- @mo_niyi
Instagram handle is- @romeo_jb
Facebook handle is- @Oluwabusayo Ojo

My Literary blog where all of my works are E-published is


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