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       Good day everyone,hope your week is moving on smooth and cool.If you an ardent reader of my posts you will notice i added few categories to my blog,i believe it's a good step up to my blogging skills and also you all will find it more interesting.
     Incase you are wondering what 'Mantenimiento Armario' means,it's a spanish word for WARDROBE MAINTAINANCE' and this short tips isn't just for guys,it will be of advantage to ladies too.
 There are some basic rules that can help you in maintaining your wardrobe;
1) Try to go through your day keeping your outfit clean as much as you can,avoid unneccesary stains on your shirt or trousers like pen ink or coffee stains.

2)Get yourself a cloth brush or roller,remove all those little particles from your fabric with those,you can have it in your bag or car.

3)Follow the dry cleaning instructions on your clothes,most people ignore this and i must say it's cause me to lose a good cloth...long ago though(lol).

4)Learn how to iron your clothes and hang or fold them neatly immediately after laundry.

5)Air your clothes before returning it back to the wardrobe after your day.
 6)Get  dirty clothes bag or basket to store your dirty clothes.

7)Don't wear your shoe twice consecutively.Let it rest from the previous day stress.

8)Polish your shoes.Most people do it only when they are going to wear the shoe,for me i do it like every two weeks asides when i'm going to wear it and that's because polishing shoes just doesn't make shoes shine,it also conditions it and increases the life span.

9)Get yourself shoe bags and shoe trees.Shoe bags protect your shoes from dusts while shoe trees helps in maintaining shoe shape and protects it from creasing fast.For me i don't have much of shoe bags,so all i do is store my shoes in its original pack with a dessicator that absorbs the moisture.

10)Stop complicating wardrobes,people who know me well know i love using this term,if you don't wear a cloth anymore,dash it out,don't buy same design of clothes over and over,same applies to shoes.

11)Lastly,clean your wardrobe.Most times we clean our room forgetting that the wardrobe is also part of our room(lol).Bring all those clothes out and clean the wardrobe again.

I hope you all find the little tips here useful.
 Thanks for your time.
 NB:The pictures used here were gotten from pinterest and not mine.

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